Annual Donations
Where does my money go?


  • Assistant Teachers and Salaries for all K and 1st Grade Teachers
  • Support for "new" technology teacher
  • Online access/subscriptions to different learning platforms for students; DreamBox, SeeSaw, Teachers' College Virtual Lessons
  • Technology Expenses including computers, cameras, microphones
  • Cleaning and PPE materials for COVID prevention
  • Website support expenses
  • School Supplies; IE Copiers, laminator, paper, etc.
  • Professional Development for Educators in Math, Literacy and Special Education
  • Specialty Class Expenses: Technology, Science, Art, Music, Gym, OT, PT, Speech Therapy, Counseling, ESL
  • Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Social Emotional Learning Ruler and Second Step
  • Enrichment Programming, Initiatives that typically include; Arts Connection/Movement Program, Arch for Kids Architecture Program, Central Park Zoo, NYC Center Dance Program, Creative Stages Theater Program, NY Philharmonic, Geography Program, Test Prep Clubs, Chess, Girl Scouts, Science/STEM Initiative, Track Team, Recess enhancements, Games and equipment for outdoors and indoors activities.... and much more.


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