YOUR DONATION helps the PS59 PTA support the efforts and goals of your child’s outstanding, Blue Ribbon awarded school. Every financial gift makes a difference to the students at PS59. The money you share meets needs to provide a safe, empowering, innovative environment to set all of our kids up for future success.
Every donation directly supports PS59 students and the committed staff that nurtures them everyday. See below for a list of what your donation can help accomplish!
This is a time of “we.” We need to work together, a concept our PS59 community is great at! Being a “we” and going the extra mile to do amazing things together and for each other. If you’re unable to donate at this time, there are many other ways you can support us! Please consider sharing our mission with a family member or friend! 
Parents, Grandparents and extended family and community members can also help make a difference! 
PS59 PTA has a 501(3)(c) non-profit status which many corporations require for matching funds.
Not every company offers a corporate matching gifts or funds program but you can always check with your employer's HR department to find out.
Most employers with matching programs make it easy for their employees to match donations. Usually it’s a matter of filling out a form or submitting a simple request online. 
Do you have questions? Contact PTA Treasurers
Thank you so much for your generosity, and for your time and resources to keep us growing strong!

Here is just a sampling of items and services the PTA contributes to our school:
  • Assistant Teacher Salaries for all K and 1st Grade Classrooms
  • Support for *new* Technology Teacher
  • Online access/subscriptions to different learning platforms for students
  • Dream Box
  • Seesaw
  • Teacher's College Virtual lessons
  • Technology Expenses including computers, cameras, microphones
  • Cleaning and PPE materials for Covid prevention
  • Website support expenses
  • School supplies. IE. copiers, laminator, paper, etc.
  • Professional Development for Educators in Math, Literacy and Special Education
  • Specialty Class Expenses: Technology, Science, Art, Music, Gym, OT, PT and Speech Therapy, Counseling, ESL.  
  • Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Ruler
  • Second Step
  • Enrichment Programming/Initiatives that typically include:
  • Arts Connection/Movement Program
  • Arch for Kids Architecture Program
  • Central Park Zoo
  • New York City Center Dance Program
  • Creative Stages Theater Program
  • NY Philharmonic
  • Geography Program
  • Test Prep Clubs
  • Chess
  • Girl Scouts
  • Science/STEM Initiative
  • Track Team
  • Recess enhancements: Games and equipment for outdoor and indoor activities.